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Wherever you are in the world, join us online to explore and immerse yourself in the thinking and work in progress of the world’s most talented emerging artists and designers.


4 February 2021
9:00 (GMT + 0)

In Dialogue with History: The Self, The Collective and The World in Ceramics and Glass

The RCA, MA Ceramics & Glass and MA History of Design host this symposium as part of WiP2021
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5 February 2021
15:00 (GMT + 0)

So, There's This WiP Show...

Featuring guests: Joshua Citarella, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Taiwo Ogunyinka, and Lawrence Lek
5 February 2021
14:30 (GMT + 0)

The Art Happens Here

Michael Connor (Rhizome) will talk about the influence of the pandemic on institutions and artists



ADS4 Live Project

ADS4’s Live Project set out to address the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic that is currently faced by the arts, particularly the “closure epidemic” that is affecting cultural venues across the country.
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Rijsttafel: ADS12 Live Project

ADS12 had the pleasure of working with Kyla Arsadjaja and Nicholas Weltyk.
Painting (MA)

FEAST: Holiday, Now

FEAST: Holiday, Now celebrates the Royal College of Art's 1st Year Painting Students' personal narratives, practices and visions in response to the 2020/21 holiday season.


School of Arts & Humanities
Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Anran Xu

School of Design
Design Products (MA)

Natalia Triantafylli

School of Design
Innovation Design Engineering (MA)

Kukbong Kim

School of Design
Design Products (MA)

Molly Mason

School of Arts & Humanities
Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Isi Rodriguez

School of Arts & Humanities
Painting (MA)

Cecilia Ulfsdotter Klementsson

2D animation3D3D Animation3D modeling3D PrintingAbstractAbstractionAbsurdityActivismads12AnalogueAnimationAnthropoceneArchitectureArchitecture And SpaceArchiveArtificial IntelligenceBabelBehaviourBehaviour ChangeBiodesignBiomaterialBlack and whiteBlueBodyBordersCeramicsChaoscharacter animationcharacter designChildhoodClimate crisisCO2 CaptureCollaborationCollageCollage And FormCollectionsColourCommunicationCommunityCompositionConceptualconfusionConnectionConsciousnessCOVID-19CraftCreative CodingCultural IdentitycultureCyanotypeDeathDesign ProcessDigitalDigital ArtDigital CollageDigital textilesDocumentaryDomesticDrawingDynamicecologyEmbodimentEmbroideryEmotionEntanglementEnvironmentExperienceExperience DesignExperimentalExperimental filmExperimental PhotographyExperimentationFamilyFantasy And The SurrealFashionFemale ArtistFeminismFictionFictional SpaceFigurativeFilmFoodFound ObjectsfragmentFutureFuture of workGame DesignGeopoliticsGraphic DesignHandhand drawnHandmadeHealth & WellbeingHealthcareho.ldin.gsHomeHuman InteractionsHuman-CenteredIdentityIdentity And BodyillustrationInclusive designIndoor Air QualityInnovationInnovativeInstallationInteractionInteractive DesigninteriorInterviewIsolationKnitKubrickLandscapeLanguageLockdownLoveMachine LearningMappingMaterialMaterial LanguageMaterial NarrativesMaterialitymeleeMemoryMenswearmethodologyMirrorMixed MediaModel MakingMovementMoving imageNarration / StorytellingNarrativeNaturalNatureNew InteractionsNostalgiaobjectsoil paintingpaintingPatternPerceptionPerformancePhotographyPlayPlayfulPoeticPoetryPortraitPost-humanPost-pandemic WorldPrintPrintmakingProcessProduct DesignProductivityPrototypingPsychologicalPublic SpacePublishingReality And ImaginationRecycleRefugeRelationshipResearchRitualSculptureSelfSelf-portraitSensesSensory ExperienceService designsite-specificSketchbookSketchesSocial innovationSocial MediaSoundSound DesignSound NarrativesSoundscapeSpaceSpeculativeSpeculative designStory-tellingStorytellingStructureSurveillance And PrivacySustainabilitySustainablesustainable fashionSystem designTechnologyTemporalityTextTextilesTextureThe Body And The ObjectTimeTransformationTraumatravelTypographyUrbanUser Centered DesignVideoVideo ArtvirtualVisual IdentityVisualisation of SoundsWasteWeaveWell-beingWomenWriting
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